About Us

Helping your personal and professional growth

We are here to coach and work with you using Māori and Pacific (Pasifika) frameworks to unleash your superpowers by breaking habits that no longer serve you, creating healthy boundaries, stepping into your power where you are seen, heard, and understood.

As indigenous women we’ve had our fair share of challenges as we’ve stepped into the best versions of ourselves. No matter what world you are living in, we have been there, and are still there – we want you to know and believe that you are worthy of the life you desire.

"Our promise is to serve you, and create a safe space for you to discover who you are or to stand firm in who you are and your purpose in life."


Kia ora, Talofa lava, I’m Kailah.

Ko Pūwheke te maunga
Ko Mamaru te waka
Ko Haiti-Tai-Marangai te marae
Ko Tokerau te moana
Ko Parata te rangatira
Ko Kahutianui te whaea tipuna
Ko Te Whanau Moana me Te Rorohuri ngā hapu
Ko Ngati Kahu ko Ngati Whatua me Ngati Hamoa oku iwi
Ko Kailah Saupese toku ingoa

Ou te fa'atālofa atu i le paia ma le mamalu o Samoa.
O lo'u igoa o Kailah Saupese, ou te savalivali mai le galuega i nu’u o Solosolo ma Satitoa, Aleipata i Apia, Samoa.
Ioe, o a’u o le teine mai le beach.
E tasi lo’u tuagane, e lua o’u uso. O a’u o le ulu matua o le matou aiga.
O a’u fo’i ua fai lo’u aiga, o Kenape Saupese o lo’u manamea, e tasi fo’i le mā tama teine, o Te Kane-Jhene Saupese.
‘O lupe sa vao ese'ese, ae ua fuifui faatasi.’
(We are from different parts of the forest but connected in one cause).

I am a Māori, Samoan woman who is passionate about overall hauora, wellbeing, and discovering more about who I am spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. 

I am a certified life coach (dipLCC) with more than eight years’ professional experience in human resources, organisational development and strategy. I am also a thought leader in inclusion and diversity. 

“I have a huge passion for serving and supporting people in both their personal and professional lives.” 

From a young age, I realised I was navigating my worlds and roles at home, culturally, in school, at work, in relationships, and later as a mother and wife without much support to navigate through the challenges I faced. Yet in my circle of friends and within my family, I was always the advice giver, the practical voice of reason, the one who they could confide in and who would hold all the secrets.

My coaching journey started by investing in a coach myself and embarking on a journey of self-discovery to understand how I could live authentically, and be the best version of myself while navigating the many worlds in my life. I also opened myself up to sharing my story, and my challenges and lessons. In turn, I have supported many others through their journey. I have found that many of us have a beautiful, unique story, and the lessons are similar. You are not alone! I am always learning and evolving, and my sole purpose in this life is to support and empower you throughout your journey, so you know yourself better, know how worthy you are, and never settle for any less than you truly deserve.

Talofa lava, my name is Justina Sesilia To’omata – you can call me Lia.

Malō le soifua ma le lagi mamā i le paia o le 'Aufaigaluega a le Atua, ma le paia o Samoa.

O lo’u igoa o Justina Sesilia To’omata.
O lo’u Tamā o Toleafoa Fa’avaoga Va’atofu To’omata. E sau mai le nu’u o Sāmata’itai ma Fagafau i Savai’i.
O lo’u Tinā (māliu) o Uiesema’ali’i To’omata. E sau mai le nu’u o Vailoa, Aleipata ma Solosolo i Apia, Samoa.

E to’a tolu o’u tuagane mātutua ma a’u le teine to’atasi. O a’u fo’i o le ui’i o le matou aiga. 

Ioe, o a’u o le princess o le matou aiga.

‘O le ala i le pule o le Tautua’
The pathway to leadership is through service’

My upbringing was in a traditional Samoan household where I spoke my native language before I could speak English. It was expected in some families for a young Samoan female to find work and take care of the immediate family as well as the extended family in Samoa. I took this role very seriously and found myself with adult responsibilities at the age of 18.

I never went to university and I wasn’t your straight A student either. I learnt early on that I was going to live a very traditional life for my parents, and I embraced this without hesitation. As much as I loved the challenges, deep down I knew I was destined for more – I just couldn’t articulate it at the time. 

After years of building a career in finance, insurance, health, fitness and in leadership roles, there was still something missing in my life. I decided to invest time in myself, in my own wellbeing, my own life purpose. I went back to study part time while working full time and became a qualified personal trainer (Cert 3 and 4). Then I decided to complete a Diploma in Life Coaching (dipLCC). 

My passion lies in helping people to be the best version of themselves, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Many of my life lessons came from countless heartbreaks, grief, failures, disappointments, and putting my obligations and duties to others before my own desires. I was able to identify and address some traumatic moments which I had carried into my adult years. I found valuable tools to break from the traumas that no longer serve my life. Through healing from my life, I learnt the lesson that I could draw upon my own experience to live my purpose. 

I’ve invested in incredible life coaches and therapists. With their guidance and support, I am now able to stand firm on who I am, and still be the best for the different worlds, and roles in my life. 
As a life coach with an indigenous background, I know what it’s like to live in different worlds while trying to find yourself among the expectations of life.

“I aim to help people to find and know more about themselves and what their purpose is in life both personally and professionally.” 

We are uniquely and wonderfully made, it’s just that sometimes we don’t know it. I coach you to bring those amazing qualities into alignment, discover what you value and bring a strong sense of purpose and direction to your life. With proven tools, techniques, and by tapping into experience from my own life lessons, I will help you to discover your true self, your true desire, and manifest the life you deserve. 

What does a life coach do?

Ultimately, a life coach bridges the gap between the client's reality and their dreams by providing motivation, support, encouragement and guidance to help the client achieve their goals. 

The service provided is holistic, and completely oriented toward gaining results. It is a partnership between life coach and client as they work together to explore the client's life purpose, values, beliefs, dreams and aspirations.