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Navigating Worlds’ services are based on Māori and Pacific (Pasifika) frameworks comprising of one-on-one coaching, collaborating with leadership workshops, and group coaching. These services can be provided face-to-face, or online.

We offer you the space to express what’s going on for you, and then be intuitively guided by Kailah and Lia to discover your inner strength and the confidence to face challenges and make positive changes. You’ll leave feeling heard, understood and empowered. 


You are fearfully and wonderfully made

How would you show up in the world and invest in yourself if you already had the money you want? 

How would your confidence be if you already believed that you were super-interesting and talented?

How would you dress and show up if you fully accepted and loved everything about how you look, exactly as you are?

It’s making decisions from that place that will accelerate the things you want in your reality.


We will journey with you through discovering yourself by using our indigenous holistic modules as our guiding frameworks. 

Navigating 1:1 helps you uncover limiting beliefs, emotional blocks, doubts, and fears that hold you back. We will shine the light to the unknown areas of your untapped potential and identify your true spark to live authentically you. 

As we continue to pursue your journey, we will guide you through uncharted waters where we will support you to create boundaries around who you are and what you stand for. 

Navigating 1:1 consists of six coaching sessions where we work with you to:

  • Gain clarity
  • Unlock your potential
  • Create boundaries
  • Become confident and believe in yourself
  • Connect to and trust your inner guidance
  • Stand firm in who you are and live more authentically.


Your life story is your leadership story. 

We often look outside of our story to find who we want to be as a leader, where in fact we are already leaders regardless of the title or positions we hold.

In this workshop, we look at the one-of-a-kind blueprint that is your story and the unique ways it can affect how you show up in the world and as a leader.

As indigenous people, we have navigated unknown and unfamiliar territories. We have successfully journeyed in spaces as the minority in order to fit into wider society’s norms.

At times this has come at the cost of losing ourselves, as it contradicts our cultural beliefs and values. The saying “you can't help others unless you help yourself first'' contradicts our way of life and our cultural values that say “help others first before helping yourself”.

We will coach you to uncover the best version of yourself as a leader, discover the type of leader you are, where you feel valued and positively inspire others along your leadership journey.

Navigating Leadership consists of two facilitated group workshops and three 1:1 sessions. We also collaborate with existing Leadership programmes.

We dive into

  • It starts with you
  • Belief in your purpose
  • What is your type of leadership?
  • The ability to move on and forgive 
  • Developing a leadership culture
  • Empowering other leaders to leave their nest and grow as leaders.

SISTERS NAVIGATE (Launching in 2022)

A full-year coaching experience where you will rise with women who want to heal from their past and move forward to who they are truly meant to be. 

When we were going through our own journey of self-discovery, we felt as if we were alone and isolated. We couldn't describe the shift that was happening in our lives, but we knew that the changes were positive. As women who are passionate about raising other women up, we created our Sisters Navigate service.

Can you relate to this?

  • You know you need to stop doubting yourself, but you don’t know where to start.
  • You know it's time to work on yourself but have made so many excuses.
  • You feel isolated and alone and you don’t know anyone else that is feeling like this. 
  • You want to learn from the tough times and move forward to be your fully expressed self.

Sister, if that sounded familiar, then you need to keep reading! 

  • You’re done with letting other people’s opinions consume you.
  • You’re sick of feeling you’re not enough or unworthy.
  • You’re ready to stop the self-criticism and self-judgement. 

What if there is a better way to live?

Sisters Navigate is a community where we coach you tools to: 

  • stand in your power;
  • end the constant comparisons; 
  • build an intimate and loving relationship with yourself; and
  • speak your truth without fear. 

We rise together to discover your power and lean into your unlimited potential.

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